Oliver blog: Nancy! 

Hi guys! Me again- back from Harvard Law (omigod!) and coming to you this time from Victorian London, where the streets are rife with filthy pick-pockets and undesirables of all kinds. Just the right place to tell a story of an innocent young orphan come to the big city to make his fortune…

Oliver! has been my favourite musical since I was a 4 year old prancing around my bedroom with an orange skirt on my head (who didn’t want to be Nancy??) and belting out Oom Pa Pa at the top of my wee voice. It is also particularly special for me because it was the first show I ever did with this bunch of talented lads and lasses back when I was just 11 years old, and I have our president Elizabeth to thank for slogging away with my singing lessons and bringing me to my first rehearsals all those years ago (a worrying amount of years ago now I come to think of it….). 

At 11 I got to watch the multi-talented Audrey dance around in the coveted red dress, and I’m honoured and excited to have taken the part this time around. Even better is that I’m getting to work with one of my longest standing theatre buddies again – Jamie Wilson – who is playing my ‘sweetheart’…. and eventual murderer, Bill Sikes. This isn’t our first time playing a love-hate couple and I know he’s just thrilled to have the chance to finally get me back for the abuse my characters have doled his in the past! (He’s enjoying it a little too much if you ask me.) 

It’s a show full of sweat, blood and tears – and I’m not talking about the rehearsals! So if you haven’t already booked your tickets, stop reading this and hook it! They’re only a tenner, we promise it will be worth it! 


Oliver! blogs: Laura Matzk

I’m Laura, I’m 28 and relatively new to WADAOS. A decision to join that I wish I’d made a lot earlier. WADAOS is made up of an array of fabulous people from all walks of life which make every rehearsal and meet up an enjoyable one.
I’m mainly part of the chorus in our production of OLIVER! The chorus have some fantastic Songs and some snazzy dance numbers to partake in, in this show. It’s fun, fun, fun!
I also play the role of a servant woman in the workhouse…dishing out ladels full of gruel for those ghastly little orphans!
Oh, I’m also the drunk who falls on the floor, legs akimbo showing off my undergarments!🙊🙈
So many talented people in one show just makes me realise how amazing it’s going to be.
I’m excited to see it all come together but sad that it means it will nearly have come to an end.
On to the next show!!!!


Oliver! blogs: Ian Quirk

Hi, my name is Ian Quirk and I play Mr Sowerberry in Oliver! as well as being part of the chorus.

I discovered a love of performing in 2001 after adapting and starring in “A Christmas Carol”. I then attended drama workshops and have been been lucky enough to be taught by professional actors and drama teachers through the years.

My first role for W.A.D.A.O.S. was in “The Importance of Being Earnest” in 2002. I have since been in many productions for them in plays and musicals. Although not a confident singer I have been encouraged to the point where I was able to play a significant part in “Summer Holiday”.

Away from this group I have done many plays with others and recently fulfilled a dream by performing Shakespeare locally, even tackling the part of Claudio in “Much Ado About Nothing”. I was also lucky enough to act at Stratford-upon-Avon, the home of Shakespeare.

However when all is said and done I always return to my Spiritual Home of W.A.D.A.O.S.

Oliver! blogs: Dave Flitcroft

16797526_1218725811576643_764115177213845933_oI am a newcomer to WADAOS but certainly not a newcomer to amateur theatre. I have been involved in many shows over the years, firstly with Barrow Amateurs and more recently with Whitehaven Theatre Group.
My love of theatre began in 1986 when my Mam bought the album of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s The Phantom of the Opera. I remember listening to it and I was utterly hooked. Phantom is still my favourite musical and I have seen it many times.
I study singing with Judith Jones which has given me much more confidence on stage than way back when I started and was always in awe of anyone who could sing.
I have worked both backstage and onstage in more productions than I can recall but most notable are Kismet, Oklahoma, The King and I and more recently I played The Beast in Beauty and The Beast and performed the voice of Audrey 2 (The plant) in Little Shop of Horrors.
I am delighted to be playing yet another iconic character like Mr Bumble and I cannot deny I do prefer the more villainous and unpleasant characters. I remember seeing Harry Seacombe play Bumble in the musical film so I have a tough act to follow. I hope our show leaves you wanting MORE!!!!!


Oliver! blogs: Tracy McOuat – choreographer 

Well here we are again in rehearsals, it seems like we’ve never stopped. Well, you may remember me from last year, I was Margot in Legally Blonde, this year I am the Choreographer. So I’m in charge of the dancing. I have been so impressed with the enthusiasm and energy that has come from this year’s cast, they are all working extremely hard and have taken up the challenges I have given them with gusto.


This show is particularly special to me. I’ve been doing shows for 29 years, and the first “show” I did was Oliver, when I was 11. I played Bet in my school production back in 1991. This is particularly poignant for me as my daughter Lily, who is 7, is taking part in this production and it is her first “show”, and I couldn’t be prouder to be on stage with her.


Working with a large group (approximately 50 strong cast) is a challenge in itself, throw in the range of ages (I think its 5 – 78) and abilities, first timers to experienced performers, dancers to non dancers – not mentioning any names – Ripley, and it could be a recipe for a lot of laughs, and that is exactly what we are having. 


It’s been lovely to welcome some of our new adult chorus (Laura, Rebecca & Ellen) who are taking part for their first show, and also, it’s been amazing to welcome back some familiar faces (Sheridan & Jamie). Of course there are so many more people who we could mention, but it would take too long, needless to say that without any of them we wouldn’t be able to put on this amazing show. So please come and support us, we’d love to see you joining in a chorus of Oommm Pah Pah.




Legally Blonde cast blog #17 – Sophie (Kate)

Hey, Kate here – *swallows gum* sorry! I have a strong message to all suffering from exam pressure. Don’t worry, you can do it! But don’t forget about all the parties you’ll be missing out on, remember – you can resit an exam but you can’t redo a party! WRONG. Why party when you can can GET INTO HARVARD LAW! I may come across as a party pooper, but I have Elle’s best interest at heart ❤️ (I’m more of a party animal at heart). Watch and see how will Elle pass her LSATs and get into Harvard to win back Warner!
Okay so that’s Kate, so my real name is Sophie and this is the first amateur production I have ever done, with a part too! Performing has always been my most favourite thing since I was little, with being a dancer since before I could walk there’s no surprise there really! I’ve been a member of the Cowper School of Dance since the age of 4 and also took part in drama productions throughout school, achieving Distinction* grades in my GCSE drama, but never actually performed (and sang) in a full production before! The last time I sang on stage was at the age of 9 when I played Eliza Doolittle singing “All I want is a room somewhere” with exaggerated cockney accent! So I guess this is pretty nerve-wracking, but I couldn’t be part of a better production and I’m so excited to finally perform with WADAOS and my dancing family, what a journey it’s been! Time to put it to the test and practice our legally jargon – I hope you all enjoy the show as much as I will!

Get your tickets now at http://www.thelittleboxoffice.com/wadaos 

Also available on the door.